Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Knitting & Dogs

What are the things that bring joy to your life? Or peace, or comfort, or a sense of calm and well-being? What creates a safe harbor for you in your life?

For me, two of these things are my dogs and my knitting. I will write about both of them here, and post a few pictures, hopefully come up with something useful, or at least interesting upon occasion.

In the picture lounging on the red sofa is my dog Sophie. She is an 8 year old Bouvier des Flandres that has been with me since she was a 6 week old puppy.

Added to our family in January is a wonderful Bouvier des Flandres rescue dog of indeterminate age, but is probably between 8 and 10 years old. He was found wandering the streets of Miami on New Year's Eve, so emaciated he probably within a week of dying. However, he is happy, healthy and much loved boy now. This is his and I hope you can see that he has regained a sparkle in his eye.

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